EXO Shift


Terminal speed with cell shading graphics


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EXO Shift is a spaceship racing game in the purest Wipeout fashion, with players competing in anything-goes races at speeds that will truly make you dizzy.

Just as in similar titles like the aforementioned Wipeout or the famous Star Wars: Racer, in EXO Shift the spaceships levitate just a few centimeters above ground. Make your way through tracks filled with obstacles, impossible curves, and jumps that will make your vehicle fly through the air.

Before starting the race you can choose between different ships. The differences are merely cosmetic though, as they all reach similar speeds and none of them has any special feature that makes it stand out among the others.

EXO Shift is a very fun racing game that offers exquisite ‘cell shading’ graphics and a frantic experience for all those who love speed.
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